Modish Market

I had a great day at Modish Market on Saturday- thanks to all the people who stopped to have a look, a chat and to purchase, it was great to meet you!

Im intending to do the next market in October- will confirm all the details when I have officially organised my place.

In the meantime, the Kabwares Made It shop has been restocked- so head on over if you would like to see whats new………

here’s an example

not sure if its clear in the photo- on the middle spoon, someone has engraved the name Faye onto it- I wonder who once owned it??

In fact I often wonder what the history of the spoons has been. So many people comment that a design they see on a spoon reminds them of their childhood- and it amazes me how a design sourced from a shop in the North of the city will be found two weeks later in a different shop on the other side of town! Are we bringing long lost pieces back together, or were there just some REALLY popular designs out there LOL

have a great week




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