QLD Flood Appeal

Well,  Im sure there would be  no-one left in Australia whowould not be aware of the devastation that is happening in Queensland at the moment.

The shock of the surge of water that hit Toowoomba and the surrounding areas on Monday, and the resulting loss of lives has spurred a number of makers into action, to work together and raise funds for the victims of this disaster (that is still unfolding).

So I’m currently working on putting together a few items for auction with all funds raised going to those affected by the floods- Im hoping to have things up and running here at Kabwares in the next few days……..

In the meantime, you can read more about what’s happening and how it all works at Toni Coward’s blog Make It Perfect She and her sister Carli are putting in an amazing effort to co-ordinate everyone.

As a Victorian who saw so many friends go through heartache and terrifying experiences during the fires 2 years ago, our friends up north jumped to the aid of those affected way down south, and now its our turn to return the favour!

stay tuned for more information


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