As you can see from the sidebar the blog community and their readers raised a phenomenal amount for the floods.

Kabwares raised $115, so a big thankyou again to our winners Jan and Jeni!!!!

At Kabwares HQ last Friday we had a taste of what so many communities have gone through in the last few months. Fortunately for us, it was only our street and our sheds that got damp, our house stayed was high and dry

here are a few pics….

The fire hydrant in front of our house……..

looking back towards our house

and back the other way ………

this week the kids are  back to school, and after a bit of a tidy up to the paperwork, (aka The BAS)  we are beginning to focus on a few new ideas………. the first is a cute spoon for all the mums, grandma’s and nan’s for Mothers Day.

In the meantime, I have started uploading some great new Sheet fabric squares found on a couple of special gathering trips over the hol’s

here is a peak

and you can purchase them here

Thats it today




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