The things you find……

When looking for spoons to convert to our plant labels, it fascinates me how often I come across airline cutlery………

and there is this little beauty from the…………

I’ve also managed to start a collection of salad servers too. I have needed more salad servers at home for ages, but it’s always one of those ‘gunna’ items  that never gets purchased.

Now I have a fabulous collection of 60’s and 70’s stainless steel salad servers ready for any occasion!

I love a good collection and have quite a few scattered around the house, from babushka’s to bevilled mirrors.

A few days ago I was Op shopping, and someone had donated a collection of frogs, they were all different sizes and made from different materials and would have made someone very happy- I hope they find a ‘hoppy’ new home!.(hehe couldnt resist!)

So,  from now on I will occasionally share some of my collections  here on the blog……………….what do you like to collect?



One Comment on “The things you find……”

  1. Mardi says:

    love your salad server collection Jane….Im a little needy in that department too….although I have never thought to look for them.
    The kids have kicked off an owl collection for me…..they have now given me three…and Id love to add to it.
    i will be looking forward to seeing your collections.
    M x

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