Cleaning Silver

Amongst all the bits and bobs I come across when collecting spoons for Plant Labels, every now and then I find some beautiful old (albeit tarnished) silver.

I had a go at cleaning them using the bi-carb/aluminium foil method, however, I was a little disappointed with the result.

A couple of weeks ago, one of my favourite blogs –Small Things  Simple Pleasures -posted about cleaning silver using Washing Soda. I was really impressed with the results shown, so had a go myself………It’s very simple (if not a little smelly- stand back during the process) and Vera has given a fantastic explanation on how to go about it.

If you have some silver around i would urge you to have a go too, the results will astound you! You can find the full details here, and make sure you have a good look around  to see why I love this blog so much-

Thanks Vera for sharing such a fabulous tip!

PS- I hope its obvious- the left handside spoons are after cleaning, those on the right before a clean.

PPS- I have noooo idea what I will be doing with said collected silverware as yet!


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