As well as hanging around at home with the KABkids, we have done a little Op shopping…..we were on a mission for spoons mainly, although with the KABkids tagging along  I’ve found that I need to budget a little extra -they have scored books, toys and games in the past week, helping fight the holiday ‘what am I going to doooooo…….s’

We also unexpectedly brought home 2 Malvern Star bikes in pretty good nick-  Ive learnt over the years that if you see a bargain you grab it- wont be there next time!!

The other thing I love to keep my eye out for are classic crochet books-while the fashions may have changed (see below hehehe)  the stitch patterns can always be used for something a little more (cough) 21st century.

Have a great week!


One Comment on “shopping…..”

  1. Oh yeah baby… love those flares! Will have to try my local op shop again to see if the spoon collection has been replenished.

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