A couple of weeks ago, I set up a little photoshoot for our Mothers Day Plant Labels.

I had found a very cute container made from an old olive oil tin, and thought a couple of pots of colour planted into the container would look lovely- so I trotted off to our local nursery and came home with some very pretty and sweet smelling Alyssum- PERFECT!

Once the photos were done, the container was left  on our outdoor table to admire each time we went out into the backyard.

A couple of days and a mini heatwave  later the plants were in need of a drink, so I popped the container onto our back deck to water them. Unfortunately, I forgot to put it back onto the table before the chickens were let out for the day…….


It appears that to a hungry chicken or two, an alyssum plant is irresistible.


Who can blame them though…if you have ever brushed an Alyssum plant on a hot day,  you would know that the scent is sweet, and reminiscent of honey…..mmmmm, yum!

I’m pleased to report that although cut back almost completely the Alyssum plants  are now on their way to recovery (and will probably look better than ever).

Have you ever had a pet (or a person) almost destroy a plant you loved?


7 Comments on “OOOOPS…..”

  1. Kate says:

    Oh yes – I planted Russell Lupins one year, then we moved house and as I hadn’t yet seen flowers I moved the Lupins too. Two years passed without a flower. Eventually flower heads appeared and grew and grew and became fuller & fuller and JUST before budburst my beloved German Shepherd dug up the whole patch.

  2. Mardi says:

    Oh ….thats a little bit funny….well not really…..but it still made me smile….I can just imagine those chickies having a good old scratch.
    How gorgeous did it all look potted up for the photoshoot though…..just beautiful
    Mardi x

    • kabwares says:

      hehe- I did have a laugh- although I was also VERY happy it was well after I had taken all the photo’s I needed. Glad you liked the pics too!

  3. knitty1 says:

    Ah sigh! Happens often around here. For instance I always have trouble growing coriander – but this particular year I was doing really well till one day I smelt it on Sir Francis Drake’s bill (yes, my male pet duck) – he had eaten the lot! We also had some wonderful flowering clivia plants alongside our deck under a tree until we made the mistake of allowing our rabbits to free range on that side of the house (away from the dogs) – all the plants have now been groomed to within a couple of inches of their life and I am faced with waiting till our rabbits pass before seeing another clivia flower gracing our outddoor eating area. C’est la vie!

    • kabwares says:

      oh no!! We have clivias that are away from the chooks, however I was contemplating moving them, and it would be in chicken territory- i wonder if they have the same tastebuds as rabbits?!!

  4. Joanna says:

    We were give a beautiful rose after Craig’s sister died called something along the lines of ‘rememberance’ or ‘memories’ Before I even got a chance to pot it, it got demolished by Koko (dog) How she didn’t get how mouth cut up on the thorns I don’t know but she obviously had a great time as there were bits of rose bush scattered all over the back yard

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