Kabwares Little Parcels | Etzcetera Magazine

Kim from Etczetera Magazine recently ordered a couple of Plant Labels from us to give to her parents over Easter.

As always Kim came up with a great idea to package her gifts and she popped a tutorial on her blog recently to show how she did it

We’ve reposted it here to share with all of you- wouldn’t this be a great way to present your Mothers Day Plant Labels this year.

Here’s Kim’s Tutorial

As usual, I left things til the last minute and with just 30 minutes before we headed to my parents for Easter I decided to make some paper pockets to wrap the plant labels in. And here’s a how-to quick tutorial.

You will need:

    • Baking paper
    • Patterned paper scraps
    • ribbon offcuts – ric rac, trim etc
    • Any embellishments you want to include
    • access to a sewing machine OR hand stitch if you have some extra time.


Start by cutting your baking paper to size. You could use a patterned paper but I like the translucent look of the baking paper, hinting at what’s inside but not quite showing the contents.

I found it easier to cut one piece of baking paper and fold it in half, rather than try and juggle two strips of baking paper when it comes time to machine stitch the sides.

Fold your baking paper in half, long ways and make sure your crease is nice and sharp.

Start gathering strips of patterned paper, book paper, graph paper – whatever you have on hand. I had such limited time I just rifled around in my box of scraps and used offcut pieces.

We only need to decorate the front of the pocket parcel. Use double sided tape to secure your strips and hold them in place until you head to your sewing machine. Trim off any excess.


I’ve used a contrasting black thread for one of my pockets and just white thread for the other one. Stitch all your strips and pieces down nice and securely. Messy stitch – it’s fun and adds a unique look.


Don’t stitch down some of the wider strips completely..use your scissors to cut some fringing which gives some dimension and texture.


I’ve also stitched a trail of punched mini paper butterflies + more fringing on a couple of strips of graph paper.


Check that your plant labels fit nicely and that you have some extra length at the top to fold over to seal up your pocket envelopes. Head to the sewing machine again and stitch along the side and bottom of your pocket, leaving the top open.


Slip your plant labels inside and fold over the top edge, sealing with a round sticker. I have used the Heidi Swapp verb stickers.

I added a few creme Easter eggs as well.

And your little pocket envelopes are ready!!

Issue 5 of Etczetera Magazine is out now……….

and you can buy back issues here!

let us know if you have a go!


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