so, I didn’t  mean to be away from the blog for quite so long…..(although if you have been following along with our blog for awhile, you will be aware that I’m not the most consistent blogger!)

anyways- there has been alot happening outside of Kabwares that is for sure

alot of this-

I spent a large chunk of May in and out of bed trying to rid myself of what I was first told was a chest infection, and then a week later, the flu…..I know, poor me…!

Luckily for me, a stint of 5 days in a row in bed, had me recovered enough to be ready for our next ‘adventure’ when our 7 yr old tripped and broke his wrist at school.

Poor kid, he was so brave, and very patient having to wait till 6pm the next day for surgery to realign and set the bones in plaster. Lucky him got about a week and a half off school, which, although he loves school, he was rather chuffed about!!

He now has a very impressive plaster cast that goes from the top of his fingers to half way between his elbow and his shoulder which will be on for the next 6 weeks.

So, that’s the latest news from Casa Kabwares.

Hope you’re all fighting fit and keeping warm!




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