It’s mega…..

I recently joined a group of students on a trip to the local community gardens……the kids got to wander through the plots of herbs and vegetables checking out what was growing and how things were set up.

The one plant that fascinated most of them was this crazy carrot…..obviously it’s a bit of a rebel growing above ground – and it was huge- at least 25-30cm tall! The plan is to keep it growing to see how big it will get- but I’m really curious to know if it’s just as big under the earth as it is on top…..stay tuned, I am hoping to get an update at some stage.

(apologies for the blurry spot- I managed to get a drop of water on the lense- oops)


The KABkids are back on school holidays (doesn’t feel that long since the last lot).  This time we have been hanging out at home, with a few walks to the local wetlands thrown in as well. Our morning walk was foggy and freezing- although it didn’t seem to bother these guys as they were munching on their breakfast.


Melbourne has produced a classic of a winter this year- really cold and damp so far- it reminds me of winter when I was a kid- I really dont mind the cold too much- as long as my head and my toes are toasty I’m fine…..

how about you, do you like the cold?


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