Silver Linings

Here at KABwares HQ we love the colour of silver..

and there is certainly plenty of silverware coming home with the Aussie athletes this Olympics, which has caused a rather mixed reaction from our media.

As a taxpayer, should we be expecting great results, and be disappointed with anything other than gold?

Or, as parents, do we show our kids that we celebrate each and every participants story of sacrifice and hard work -like Erin Densham for example- and just enjoy watching these amazing athletes strive to reach the ultimate prize doing something that they love.

I’ll take the latter- watching my son’s basketball team playing on Saturday (without him sadly- he is still on the sidelines for a few more weeks after breaking his wrist) they tried hard, played well, and just had a helluva lot of fun.

Have you noticed how many of our current Olympians were inspired to compete watching other athletes at previous Olympic Games- lets cheer our athletes on and show the next generation of Olympians our support!

Sarah Tait- Silver in the Womens Rowing Pairs with her 2 yr old Daughter..


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