Veggie Sets

Right now I feel like a bit of a failure when it comes to Vegetable growing- we are at war it seems with birds and ants that are stealing our almost ripened fruit and our tiny seeds and shoots.


Along with those pests we have had some pretty hot days here in Melbourne too, so we are relying on our water tanks to give what plants we have a drink.

Nevertheless, we intend to persevere and get our plots up and running, and we HAVE  had a few successes with some lovely beetroot, tomatoes the world’s teeniest garlic and onions and some very tasty potatoes (although the crop was really small!)

kabwares 4 veggies

Thankfully it’s these  successes that keep me going along and with the help of some fantastic inspiration via the internet last week, I’m feeling ready to have another go.

I’ve also added a couple of new listings in our Made It and Down that Little Lane online stores today…..if you’re a keen Veggie grower how about adding some Kabwares Plant Labels for easy identification of your crops. I’ve listed a set of 4 and a set of 8- you get to choose the veggie names you need- just pop your selection in the message box when you place your order. (i have listed some of the more popular veggies as a prompt just to get you started)

pick your own veggies

Have a great week


ps. you will find the posts that gave me inspiration here and here


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