Getting crafty with Kabwares….

kablabels spring fairyFor awhile I had been wondering what to do with our Plant Labels when the plant grew taller than the label. It’s a LABEL right, so it’s there to tell you what exactly is growing in your pot or garden, and it is obviously of no use whatsoever if you can’t see it.

In my regular trawling around the interwebs, I’ve seen some great examples of sticks wrapped with wool or twine and popped into a garden to use as stakes to hold up a rambling plant, or to just give a garden a bit of extra colour. They look great, and I thought why not just pop a spoon Plant Label on top too.

You may have already noticed a photo in a  past post here

For the first attempt (left hand pic above)- I raided my acrylic wool stash and used lots of different coloured yarn to wrap around the stick working from the bottom up, and then attached the Plant Label last with some extra yarn. (I used a bamboo stick, but a sturdy cutting from a pruned tree would look ace too)

For the next stick i used brickies string which comes in some great fluro colours plus some natural twine to give the Plant Label the completely ‘on trend’ feel that is the neon look of this summer (LOL)

I was so thrilled (oh, I’m soooo tempted to say rapt) with the completed little piece of garden art I had created- and over the last few months, they have really stood up well to the elements, with only the pink and orange fluro losing their intensity of colour, however I do quite like how they have mellowed!

So, after the success in my own garden- I thought I would share the project with my daughters grade 4 class- they were in charge of the maintenance of the schools veggie patch- and I thought it wouldn’t hurt to add a bit of extra colour to the plot.

kabwares school label project

I’m very happy to report that the project was a huge success, and all the kids clamoured to have a go (although I do suspect that the fact that it was more fun than pulling out weeds may have had something to do with it LOL)

The kids loved it- the boys in the group particularly really enjoyed a bit of wrapping spoon action! As you can see- we did it a little differently to the sticks I did myself- there are knots and bits of string sticking out all over which I LOVE- you can be as messy or neat as you want  (for these sticks we wrapped the spoon as we went instead of the last thing – it was a bit quicker and easier for the kids)

So I’m hoping that today’s post might inspire you to give  stick wrapping a go- Let me know if you do!




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