Well, Well, Well…….

Haven’t I been quiet on the blog for (cough) some time….

It’s been totally unintentional though- Kabwares has been chugging along as usual, there just seems to have been alot going on outside of Kabwares this year!

Birthdays, camps, mini holidays, basketball, rock climbing and all sorts of other events have taken precedence over blogging.

And, sadly in the last few months we had to say goodbye to our lovely loyal canine companion


ZIPAt 13 his back legs had deteriorated to a point where he lost his quality of life, and we had to make that awful decision that many pet owners have to face. It was really hard for all of us- especially Mr Kab as he picked Zip all those years ago, and for the kids it was another hard life lesson to learn. We still miss him HEAPS.

After about 2 weeks of living without a canine, we started to look for a new 4 legged family member – one that would happily go for a walk, but be just as content to loll around the house with the family.

And we found him!

Meet Benji!

BENJHe is a Jack/Fox Terrier cross and he has helped our family in so many ways. He walks the kids to school in the morning and often picks them up at night and then he will curl up with them on the couch after dinner. He is a bit of a stubborn monkey though with a personality that makes us laugh! He is friendly to most other dogs but does show a bit of ‘little dog’ syndrome with any dog bigger than him- he likes them to know he may be little but he’s tough (well, he thinks he is)

And did I mention he likes to make himself comfortable


Yes, yes he does!

See you next time



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