An Update………

It has been a looong time between posts on this poor old blog- Life outside of Kabwares has been somewhat hectic and a little bit crazy, so when something has to give it tends to be this space here.

Kabwares has been quietly chugging along though, and we are finally producing some new items that have been on the drawing board for awhile.

The first products are additions to our Mothers Day range – along with our Mum’s/ Grandma’s and Nan’s Garden Plant Labels we now also have  World’s Best Mum/ Nan/ Grandma Plant Labels


The Plant Labels are available at our DTLL webshop- you can find them here

The other new, exciting product we now have is Spoon Jewellery………..


We have been collecting EPNS silver spoons for some time, and have just released our first edition of stamped necklaces using dessert and soup spoons.


Our current stamped phrases are Carpe Diem (seize the day), YOLO (you only live once) Live  Love Laugh, Bloom Grow Soar and Hope Dream Wish.

The spoon pendants are available on your choice of either a 75cm Antique bronze chain or a 75cm Silver plated chain- and would make a great gift for those non gardening Mum’s for Mothers Day!

For more information visit our DTLL webshop here




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