Hello 2015!

As we enter our 5th year of business with Kabwares, we enter a new phase of parenting with our eldest heading to Secondary school!

In 2015 Kabwares will continue to make quality Stainless steel Plant Labels and we are also producing more recycled EPNS spoon jewellery  following the popularity of our first designs last year.

I am really chuffed that Kabwares has reached the 5 year milestone, as I really love the products we make, the interactions we have with our customers and other craftspeople we have met along the way that inspire us.

Last year was all about community too, when I became part of an amazing community yarn art project involving our local primary school (hence the chronic lack of updating happening on this here blog). It reminded me how much I love to do all sorts of crafts, and along with learning how to spin wool I make sure there is something crafty happening every day.

So in 2015, along with steering the Kabwares bus,  I’m excited to be teaching craft workshops at a local Neighbourhood House, and again getting involved with the Storybook Yarn Art Trail.

If you would like to know more about what’s happening in the Chelsea/Bayside area – here are a couple of links.



For (more) regular updates of what Kabwares itself is up to- check out our Facebook Page


have a great year!







Mothers Day

It’s not long until the 11th of May – A.K.A. Mothers Day.

Our Plant Labels are selling like hotcakes over on the DTLL site, and there is still plenty of time to get your order in to us and posted off to you.

Your Mum, Grandma or Nan will love these Plant Labels!

And dont forget, we can customize them too!!

Click here for a link to our website


An Update………

It has been a looong time between posts on this poor old blog- Life outside of Kabwares has been somewhat hectic and a little bit crazy, so when something has to give it tends to be this space here.

Kabwares has been quietly chugging along though, and we are finally producing some new items that have been on the drawing board for awhile.

The first products are additions to our Mothers Day range – along with our Mum’s/ Grandma’s and Nan’s Garden Plant Labels we now also have  World’s Best Mum/ Nan/ Grandma Plant Labels


The Plant Labels are available at our DTLL webshop- you can find them here

The other new, exciting product we now have is Spoon Jewellery………..


We have been collecting EPNS silver spoons for some time, and have just released our first edition of stamped necklaces using dessert and soup spoons.


Our current stamped phrases are Carpe Diem (seize the day), YOLO (you only live once) Live  Love Laugh, Bloom Grow Soar and Hope Dream Wish.

The spoon pendants are available on your choice of either a 75cm Antique bronze chain or a 75cm Silver plated chain- and would make a great gift for those non gardening Mum’s for Mothers Day!

For more information visit our DTLL webshop here



Seaford Handmade Homemade Market

Hi there-

I’m popping in to let you know that we will be at the Seaford Handmade Homemade Market in Melbourne’s bayside from 10am on Sunday the 15th.

Come along and say hi, and check out the other gorgeous stalls that will be there too!

The Seaford Farmers Market is also on just across the road from 8am-1pm, and its well worth a look at.

See you there!


ImageYes it’s that time of the year when we celebrate the menfolk in our lives.

this year Father’s Day will be celebrated on the 1st of September- and if you would like to remind your Dad/ Grandad/ Pa or Pop that he IS the World’s Best- you can now purchase a Plant Label from Kabwares that says just that!ImageTo see the full range available (including the always popular Dad’s/ Grandad’s/Pop’s or Pa’s Garden) visit

Kabwares online at  Down That Little Lane

Oh, and if your loved one is an Opa, Baba, Papa or any other name- let us know and we will customise a Label for you

Well, Well, Well…….

Haven’t I been quiet on the blog for (cough) some time….

It’s been totally unintentional though- Kabwares has been chugging along as usual, there just seems to have been alot going on outside of Kabwares this year!

Birthdays, camps, mini holidays, basketball, rock climbing and all sorts of other events have taken precedence over blogging.

And, sadly in the last few months we had to say goodbye to our lovely loyal canine companion


ZIPAt 13 his back legs had deteriorated to a point where he lost his quality of life, and we had to make that awful decision that many pet owners have to face. It was really hard for all of us- especially Mr Kab as he picked Zip all those years ago, and for the kids it was another hard life lesson to learn. We still miss him HEAPS.

After about 2 weeks of living without a canine, we started to look for a new 4 legged family member – one that would happily go for a walk, but be just as content to loll around the house with the family.

And we found him!

Meet Benji!

BENJHe is a Jack/Fox Terrier cross and he has helped our family in so many ways. He walks the kids to school in the morning and often picks them up at night and then he will curl up with them on the couch after dinner. He is a bit of a stubborn monkey though with a personality that makes us laugh! He is friendly to most other dogs but does show a bit of ‘little dog’ syndrome with any dog bigger than him- he likes them to know he may be little but he’s tough (well, he thinks he is)

And did I mention he likes to make himself comfortable


Yes, yes he does!

See you next time


Getting crafty with Kabwares….

kablabels spring fairyFor awhile I had been wondering what to do with our Plant Labels when the plant grew taller than the label. It’s a LABEL right, so it’s there to tell you what exactly is growing in your pot or garden, and it is obviously of no use whatsoever if you can’t see it.

In my regular trawling around the interwebs, I’ve seen some great examples of sticks wrapped with wool or twine and popped into a garden to use as stakes to hold up a rambling plant, or to just give a garden a bit of extra colour. They look great, and I thought why not just pop a spoon Plant Label on top too.

You may have already noticed a photo in a  past post here

For the first attempt (left hand pic above)- I raided my acrylic wool stash and used lots of different coloured yarn to wrap around the stick working from the bottom up, and then attached the Plant Label last with some extra yarn. (I used a bamboo stick, but a sturdy cutting from a pruned tree would look ace too)

For the next stick i used brickies string which comes in some great fluro colours plus some natural twine to give the Plant Label the completely ‘on trend’ feel that is the neon look of this summer (LOL)

I was so thrilled (oh, I’m soooo tempted to say rapt) with the completed little piece of garden art I had created- and over the last few months, they have really stood up well to the elements, with only the pink and orange fluro losing their intensity of colour, however I do quite like how they have mellowed!

So, after the success in my own garden- I thought I would share the project with my daughters grade 4 class- they were in charge of the maintenance of the schools veggie patch- and I thought it wouldn’t hurt to add a bit of extra colour to the plot.

kabwares school label project

I’m very happy to report that the project was a huge success, and all the kids clamoured to have a go (although I do suspect that the fact that it was more fun than pulling out weeds may have had something to do with it LOL)

The kids loved it- the boys in the group particularly really enjoyed a bit of wrapping spoon action! As you can see- we did it a little differently to the sticks I did myself- there are knots and bits of string sticking out all over which I LOVE- you can be as messy or neat as you want  (for these sticks we wrapped the spoon as we went instead of the last thing – it was a bit quicker and easier for the kids)

So I’m hoping that today’s post might inspire you to give  stick wrapping a go- Let me know if you do!